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ADDI Consultancy Limited

Contact Details

Jo Sawyers.

PO Box 183, Taupō

info@addi.co.nz / 3765027 / www.addi.co.nz

Street Address

16 Opepe Street, Taupō

Target Group

Children with learning difficulties/ at risk youth in education/Children with special abilities.

Core Services/Focus

Raising children’s achievement in education. Inclusive to all children and families. Children with different learning or behavioural needs or children that need extending and mentoring will have access to Specialized and Personalized learning opportunities.

Referral Criteria

Our referral criteria are simple – if you are concerned about any area of your children’s learning – the child can be referred to us for an assessment.

Who Can Refer

Parents/Schools/Teachers/Police Youth Aid/ CYF/ any agencies working with children.

Referral process

The full Consultation which is recommended.

Current Services Being Delivered
  1. Enhanced One day School (Children with ASD) helping children access the curriculum and learn social skills.
  2. DYSLEXIC DAY – A specialized learning day teaching children how to work through the barriers they face and find strategies to be successful in the current school system.
  3. PRE-SCHOOL – A fun class teaching the necessary skills to insure your child starts school ready to succeed as a happy confident learner.
  4. GATE DAY – Designed specifically to meet the unique educational needs of children who express capacity for high performance in diverse areas of intelligence.
  5. Literacy Tuition – all levels and abilities (Parents pay for consultations/assessments and tuition
  6. BREAKAWAY – offering tailored care with enthusiastic qualified staff experienced with dealing with difference for families with Carer Support Days.
  7. SPECIALIZED LEARNING - for teens who for whatever reason are struggling in the current school environment.
  8. Before and after school and Holiday Programme – Oscar approved
Related Cost or Subsidy Available

As we are a business without any exterior funders, at this time parents contribute to their children’s Literacy programmes

Other information

Gaye Vartiainen - Managing Director/Tutor / Workshop/Seminar Presenter

Qualifications: Teacher / Literacy Leader

Olivia Beck - Business Manager/Tutor

Qualifications: Special Education Teacher


3 Tutors - Teaching Qualifications

6 Teacher Aids - Teacher Aid Certificates


Special Needs - DisabilityYouth ServicesEducation and Training

We thank our supporters

Without their support we couldn’t deliver our service to the community of Taupō.

Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS)

Lottery Grants Board